The Children ...

kids looking upThe children that we currently receive are children from the Mexican social services (DIF). They are children that have been removed from their homes due to suffering physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or abandonment. The majority of the children do have parents, but have been taken from them due to mistreatment. In some cases, DIF works with the parents through a strict program which includes parenting classes and meeting many requirements, with the hope that the parents will become responsible enough to receive their children back. Thus, in many instances the children are eventually reintegrated into their original families, while in other cases the children are adopted by new families longing for a child. We may have some children with us for only a period of months, and others for longer. Our purpose is not to break up families, but to offer children a loving and safe home until they can return to their family or join a new one. Our main goal is that all the children that live here, no matter for how long, hear the gospel and ask Jesus into their hearts.

Although young, many of the children we receive come very traumatized due to the circumstances they have experienced. Often in their silence or sadness it is obvious that they are shouting for someone to love them. The children are often brought to us sick, sad, and scared. It brings us so much joy to see how the children change every day here at the children's home -- they become children who are happy, feel special and loved, feel secure in a family, and know the love of Jesus. Here they find the love that they truly need!

Photos of the children