About Us

Kristin and EmmisEmmanuel (Emmis) and Kristin (Kristina) Robles—Several years ago, God called us to open and run Rivers of Mercy Children’s Home in the colonia of Anapra in Juarez, Mexico. This was born from a desire to offer our love and Christ’s love to the abandoned and mistreated children in Juarez.

We were married in July 2006 and dedicated our time to making preparations for the opening and operation of the children’s home. When we began the project, we did not have many resources, but we continued to have faith because God had made it undoubtedly clear that this desire in our hearts was His will. Soon, the Lord began to work, and He has done more than we could ever ask or imagine! Not only was the land for the orphanage donated, but the Lord shared our vision and excitement with specific people who assisted us with the funding and construction of the home. We held a dedication service at the children’s home in April 2007 and received our first eight children in May 2007. Since then, we have been home to over twenty-five children, ranging in ages 3 to 9. We love each child as if he/she were our own. Our greatest desire is that all the children at the home come to know Christ as their personal Savior and feel like they are part of a loving family during their time with us. On December 31, 2007, the Lord blessed us with our very own child, our son Joel Emmanuel Robles

God first began to call me (Kristin) to this type of work at a young age. When I was twelve years old, I went on my first mission trip to Mexico, where I spent time working with children at an orphanage. I played with the children, helped care for them, and shared my love and Jesus’ love with them. During that week, the Lord began working in my heart. The dream that God put in my heart was to begin a children’s home, to love and to care for the abused, the mistreated, and the forgotten children of Juarez. God also worked greatly in the life of my husband, Emmis. He made a decision to abandon the life he had been living and began to study at a Bible institute. Emmis realized that God had a purpose for his life, and dedicated himself to serve the Lord full-time as a missionary. God in His goodness brought Emmis and I together, and showed us that it was His will for us to open and serve in Rivers of Mercy Children’s Home. We find great joy in what we do because we are fulfilling God’s call for our lives to meet a tremendous need here in Juarez.